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Mentored by his new benefactor, Sheikh Jamal, Dantala learns to traverse the murky waters where religion, politics and power converge. He forges an important friendship with another boy, Jibril, who grudgingly converts to Islam as they bond over loneliness and language classes, vices and dark secrets. Whilst navigating the hurdles of adolescences, first love and the splintering of family life, Dantala visits his village in search of his mother, only to discover it has been wrecked by floods and that tragedy has befallen his siblings. Returning to the mounting tension of the city, Dantala becomes embroiled in the power struggle within the leadership of the mosque and is forced to choose between loyalty to his benefactor and adherence to the Sheikh’s charismatic advisor, Malam Abdul-Nul, a choice that tests Dantala to his very limits.

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