I Do Not Come to You by Chance

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Dear Friend,

Can I tell you about a young man I know? With love of his bickering, noisy family to support him and an excellent education under his belt, Kingsley has the world at his feet. His girlfriend, the enchanting Ola, is the sugar in his tea. But nothing lasts forever, does it? Kingsley's father is sick, very sick, and work in Nigeria is hard to come by. And who gave Ola the Gucci shoes she's wearing? Suddenly, the world is no longer at Kingsley's feet - its weight is resting squarely on his skinny shoulders. So he travels to Aba, to the glittering office of his famously well-shod and fantastically wealthy uncle, 'Cash Daddy'.

Under the avuncular wing of Cash Daddy, Kingsley is catapulted into the fast-money world of email scamming where he discovers a profitable talent for persuasive storytelling. But, as the stakes grow higher and Cash Daddy grows more ambitious, Kingsley begins to realise he is in way over his head and that, even in Nigeria, nothing comes for free...