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The world is about to change. The first truly democratic election in South Africa is about to unite Nelson Mandela’s rainbow nation at the ballot box. And, across the world, those in exile, those who could not return home, those who would not return home, wait. Watch and wait…


Martin O’Malley isn’t one of those watching and waiting. He is too busy trying to figure out if Germaine Spencer really is the girl for him and why his best friend is intent on ruining every relationship he gets involved in. And then… And then Germaine is pregnant and suddenly the world really has changed for Martin O’Malley.

South Africa

A land of opportunity. A place where a young black man with an MSc from the London School of Economics could have it all, would have it all. But does Martin O’Malley, London born and bred with an Irish surname, really know about his mother’s country? His motherland. A land he has never seen.

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Author: Zukiswa Wanner

Paperback: 343 pages

Publisher: Kwela Books (2014)

ISBN: 978-0795706301

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