Men of the South

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In Johannesburg, three men's lives revolve around one woman. Mfundo is a struggling jazz musician. All hope of ever becoming famous appear to end when he gets into a macho fight with and American R&B artist. No-one is keen to employ him any longer and he takes on the role of house husband. But his partner, Sli, is not willing to be man of the house. Mzilikazi is fighting his own demons - a gay man in a heterosexual marriage. His best friend Sli, is one of the few people in his life who does not question the decisions he makes. Tinaye is a Zimbabwean struggling to get his papers in order in South Africa leading to his current situation - underpaid and overqualified. The only way to speedily gain citizenship is to marry Grace. But then he meets Sli and for the first time ever, Tinaye falls head over heels in love...

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Author: Zukiswa Wanner

Paperback: 212 pages

Publisher: Paivapo (the 2018 Edition)

ISBN: 978-0639946122


"But this left me, at the age of thirteen, as the man of the house. It was a role I took seriously, my mother indulged and Buhle resented. It was a difficult role too since in my neighbourhood, it was never clearly defined what it is that men did, exactly."