Purple Hibiscus

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A touching and heart-rending story, told with an extraordinary self-confidence that is rare in debut novel…

Purple Hibiscus captures for us the traumatic moments of a wealthy Nigerian family as it gradually breaks up, mined tragically, on the one hand, by the cruel abuses of a father turned callous by an inexorable, fanatic brand of Catholicism, and on the other, by the familiar brutalities of the murderous military regimes of our recent past…

Thus this would seem to make Chimamanda a gentler and perhaps more tender kin sister of Buchi Emecheta. But in fact it is the master, Chinua Achebe himself, that she echoes more acutely by her delicate manipulation of syntax and trope, her irony and suspense, and her mastery of those subtle details that build and heighten effect.

Her heroine, Kambili, may be shy, and submissive, but her reticence is the author’s deliberate ploy to amplify her power of observation, sharpen her eye for detail and description, and empower her with a prose so fine and so distilled that it intensifies her eloquence and makes the pain even more incandescent.

Nigerian literature is full of many oaks, and many of them already sagging…it is refreshing to find a new voice bursting out at last, to proclaim a new dawn, like-well, a purple hibiscus… - Femi Osofisan (Professor of Drama, University of Ibadan)

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Paperback: 310 pages

Author: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Publisher: Farafina

ISBN: 978-0646922


“A sensitive and a touching story…” J.M Coetzee – Winner of the 2003 Nobel Prize for Literature

“A palatable novel, as remarkable as Adichie herself.” -Sefi Atta (Winner of the Wole Soyinka Prize for Literature, 2006)

“An original, absorbing and compelling first novel… This is a book you return to again and again; each reading draws you into vast treasures of Purple Hibiscus.

-Akachi Adimora-Ezeigbo (Winner of the Nigeria Prize for Literature. 2007)