The Cape Cod Bicycle War and Other Stories

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Exploring tensions and transitions of lives in-between youthful folly and precarious adulthoods, this collection of eleven short stories brings together stories that have already received critical acclaim with previously unpublished stories set across Kenya, South Africa and the US.

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Author: Billy Kahora

Artwork: Joseph ‘Bertiers’ Mbati

Paperback: 308 pages

Publisher: Huza Press Ltd.

ISBN: 978-9997772589


‘Billy Kahora is a painter with words. He makes the reader see and touch and smell and feel characters and their inner turmoil as they try to survive, against the challenges of nature and nurture.’ - Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o

‘Billy Kahora's stories immerse us in a surreal, heady, wry, often beautiful, sometimes brutal, always surprising world. This is a millennial Kenya we’ve never seen in fiction before: drunks and zealots, farmers and whistleblowers, locals and migrants, mothers and brothers, the rich and the poor and those who slip in between. This prismatic picture of Kenyans ̶ especially their class politics ̶ feels startlingly precise: yes, this is exactly how people talk and hustle and love and falter. A wondrous collection. As one of Kahora's indelible characters says: "Kenyans… It’s less straightforward than you would think.”’- Namwali Serpell

Insightful stories that reflect on the ramifications of falling from the Kenyan middle class. The loss of its certainties and pretensions leaves Kahora's young men and women adrift. Their fathers who once commanded and never explained, either desert home or become powerless shadows. Mothers become mentally ill or take comfort in religion or drink but they hang on to maintain the semblance of home. These stories capture the hopes and failures of a particular place and time with skill, insight and an unapologetic, urban Kenyanness of expression.’ - Muthoni Garland