The Ghosts of 1894

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"Born after the birth of Berlin’s 1894 ghosts, Habineza lives shortly in the villages of Rwanda until the 1959 Revolution when he and his family are forced to flee the country into Uganda – into the fangs of Idi Amin’s ghosts.

Believing that the ghosts of Idi Amin will never be exorcised, he leaves for his home country where he starts a family until the ghosts of 1994 emerge and set fire upon the highly inflammable Army, militia, and the people.

Again Habineza is on the run, this time in the company of his wife, two children, a journalist, and a family friend. Will they slip through the bloody roadblocks set up by the dreaded Interahamwe militia? Or will they remain in the overflowing rivers?

Will the UN rescue them? Or will the UN headquarters look the other way?

Product Details

Author: Oduor Jagero

Paperback: 260 pages

Publisher: KoaMedia, Nairobi – Kenya

ISBN: 978-9966095787


"African history comes alive and haunting, again, in this tale of humans turned ghosts and ghosts turned humans. Here is a story that, once again, reminds Africans that it is they, only Africans, who will overcome the evil that shadows the continent and re-humanize themselves." – Prof. Tom Odhiambo, Department of Literature, University of Nairobi

"This is a story of human beings pushed to the extremes, one of the best books on the most recognized and least understood genocides in recent times." James Murua, journalist and blogger

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