Versus and Other Stories

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Huza Press’ first anthology brings together 8 stories shortlisted for the Huza Press Prize for Fiction 2015. These experiments with narratives offer engaging stories of a country of young people chasing dreams, acquiring strength and discovering their certainties: from a resilient story of a redemptive love to confident retelling of gender strife in contemporary Rwanda and on to a science fiction story which examines hope and kindness in a future Africa. This is a collection that celebrates a new Rwanda and its multiple narratives and experiences.

Product Details

Number of Stories: 8

The writers of the stories: Akaliza Keza Gara, Eva Gara, Jean-Claude Muhire, Darla Rudakubana, Daniel Rafiki, Charity Agasaro, Dayo Ntwari and Corneille Mbarubukeye

Paperback: 132 pages

Publisher: Huza Press Ltd.

ISBN: 978-9997772503

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