Not My Time To Die

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Yolande Mukagasana is a Rwandan nurse and mother of three who likes wearing jeans and designer glasses. She runs her own clinic in Nyamirambo and is planning a party for her wedding anniversary. But when genocide starts everything changes. Targeted because she's a successful Tutsi woman, she is separated from her family and flees for her life.

This gripping memoir describes the betrayals of friends and help that comes from surprising places. Quick-witted and courageous, Yolande never loses hope that she will find her children alive.

Product Details

Author: Yolande Mukagasana

Original Title: La Mort Ne Veut Pas de Moi

Original Language: French

Translator to English: Zoe Norridge

Paperback: 210 pages

Publisher: Huza Press Ltd.

ISBN-13: 978-9997772565


“A superb translation of Yolande Mukagasana’s account of the 1994 genenocide against the Tutsi. This book challenges a new audience with the reality of one of the most horrific crimes of modern history, and contests the denial that inevitably comes in its wake.” – Linda Melvern

“This is a story that will grip you from start to finish and stay with you thereafter. Yolande Mukagasana is a truly remarkable writer with a natural flair of storytelling.” – Goretti Kyomuhendo

“Reading Yolande Mukagasana’s book in French at the age of fifteen changed my life. I realized that genocide is not a mass crime but a single murder repeated hundreds of thousands of times. With this testimony the genocide is no longer just a historical event, it is instead a story of a woman, a mother, a Tutsi. And this is what makes Yolande’s account universal.” – Gaël Faye

“This book was one of the first literary testimonies I read in French about Rwanda. I found it profoundly moving – both realistic and introspective. Thanks to this beautiful translation, it is at long last available to the English-speaking public.” – Véronique Tadjo