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Ten Powerful Phrases for Positive People

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Successful businessman, philanthropist, and motivational speaker Rich DeVos has learned the value of maintaining a positive attitude and offering encouragement to others. Now he explains how to unlock the powerful potential of ten ordinary yet life-changing phrases that he has drawn from personal experience and the influential people he has met. Simply by adding these phrases to your daily conversations you will be able to inspire achievement, instill confidence, and change attitudes in your work and family life.

Beyond these practical but profound phrases, you will learn how to encourage hope in the hearts of others as well as in your own heart. DeVos will teach you how to develop a positive attitude that can change your life, your community, and even the world. Start today with one small phrase. You can do it.

Product Details

Author: Rich Davos

Hardcover (small): 237 pages

Publisher: Center Street, Hachette Book Group

ISBN: 978-1455594535


"Rich DeVos is one of the finest leaders of our generation. His ability to lift people to higher levels of belief and performance is legendary." – Bill Hybers, founder and senior pastor, Willow Creek Community Church

"Simple phrases speak volumes. Rich DeVos shows how a few well-chosen, positive words wield powerful messages we all need to hear–and say." – Harvay Mackay, #1New York Times bestselling author

"Rich DeVos has given us simple and elegant advice on being positive and supportive. His reputation for integrity and wisdom, his incredible business triumphs, and his successful and devoted family demonstrate that he has lived it well. Take heed!” – David J. Stern, former commissioner, National Basketball Association