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Fifth Draft

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The stories and poems are as varied as the human experience, but no less beautiful for it. In Fifth Draft, the writers have given readers something worth reading.

Bless Me Father For I Have Seen will give the reader chills up their spine. They may smile at the naughtiness of the title story; will fall in love as the Gachango asks us to dance; and will be amused at the antics of how the other half live in The Bake Club of Tailflower Lane by Jallow.

There will be shaking of heads when Ngao questions culture in The African; sadness when Gituro tells of A Mother’s Anguish, and wistfulness with Anyona, wondering what indeed would happen If God was an African.

Kaesa will have you reminiscing about a Nairobi that may or may not have been in Train Tracks, Strings and Shanties, while Omolo will take you on a night run with a grandson who can only be The Chosen, just before celebrating storytelling in Zanzibar with Jallow again. You will learn that all is not what it seems with seemingily independent young women when Ngao introduces you to The Toilet paper Thief; Hara charms the women with his poem of a manin tough with his feminine side and Gachango shows the reader the dangers of adultery in Crazy in Love just before Mola shows us how broken but unhurt he is. Anyona’s playful How to Snatch a Monkey brings the reader to the lighter side of life and Hara gets you sentimental for loves lost in A Sentinel for Layla before Kaesa closes you off questioning international politics in Sky over Palestine.